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I have been struggling with the new software for Pagan Nation.  I feel it is very close to being bullet proof.  It is designed so that once the core software is rock solid, I can create expansion modules easily.  But my challenge now is elsewhere.  We are struggling with serious financial hardship.

This last hospital stay took another part of my left foot.  Aimee has been off work because I can not drive due to health concerns and have had doctor appoints or home care visits almost every day.  She is returning to work soon, but between the hospital bills, not being able to work myself, and what can best be described as inherited debt, we are in trouble.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page, read the full story, and consider helping out.  Anything will help.  If I can get the farm back into shape, I can turn my attention back to Pagan Nation.

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Posted on April 7th, 2016 by A.J. Drew Post ID: 1810

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